Case conversion

Good day,

I am using the case conversion (Mixed Case) for having an Upper Case before each word in the title (flac files)

It's running perfectly but there is a problem with title where there is a " 's " inside the word.

For this case I would like to have a lower s.

For example :

I have :

There'S Never A Forever Thing

But I would like to have instead :

There's Never A Forever Thing

How to manage this please ?

Many thanks for your usual help

Value: There'S Never A Forever Thing

Action: Case conversion

  1. Case: lower case
    Result: there's never a forever thing
    2.Case: Mixed Case
    Result: There's Never A Forever Thing
  2. Case: UPPER CASE
  3. Case: Mixed Case
    Result: There's Never A Forever Thing

Can you try those actions? Please make sure you have the last mp3tag version (you can mention your current version maybe I try once myself).

Check the definition of the action whether the apostrophe crept in as a separator between words.
(When defining the action, you can also set the separators).

Thank you for your help

In fact in the case Words begin from/after of, I have indicated : (-'

Apostrophe is mentionned due to the fact that in french we have lot words with apostrophe.

I don't know if it possible to add an Upper case for all the letters except for the 'S.


Do words in French continue with a capital letter after the apostrophe? I thought it is "C'est" and not "C'Est"? Anyway: you will know better.
You could append the action group where you set the case with a simple "Replace" action where you replace 'S with 's.

Great !

Perfect, all is OK with replace action.

Thank you very much