Case conversion


I would like to organize my music by applying the standard Mixed Case standard for all the languages to them.

For English this is quite simple, because you only have to exclude articles and conjunctions from being capitalized. But now for French and German this is much harder, because there the capitalization rules of the language have to be applied. For example, in stead of "Demain, C'Est Loin" (by IAM), should read "Demain, c'est loin".

Is there a way to do this?

I can tell you this probably is impossible.
In German for instance writing in the right case often is dependent on the meaning of the word in the context.

Yes, you are right, I am fully aware of that.
My thought was, that maybe there would be a way to connect MP3tag with MusicBrainz, to fetch the title from there, and automatically put it in. But then I realized that MusicBrainz itself doesn't always follow the conventions, and therefore I will just use the standard mixed case convention. :slight_smile: