Case Conversion

When I apply the action Case Conversion 'Mixed Case' to the following filename :

DJ Icey - searching (radio edit).mp3

I get :

DJ Icey - Searching (radio Edit).mp3

What I woukd expect to see is :

DJ Icey - Searching (Radio Edit).mp3

I understand that Mp3tag is seeing the first '(' as the begining of the word, but I would like it to be ignored.

Is there anyway to accomplish this ?


simply create a new action Case conversion and add the ( in the Words begin from/after any of field.

Best regards,
~ Florian

following on from this, can the same be done with $caps function? I get an error if I use ( or ' characters even with backslash escape e.g. $caps(%title%, (,"-) or $caps(%title%, ',"-) gives syntax error. Is it possible?