Case insensitive tag names

Hi. I am in a bit of a mess with the tags to some of my albums (maybe quite a few). I think at some point I was tagging files with the custom field ComposerSort and then when I did a fresh install of mp3tag because of Mac issues I must have switched to Composersort. Mp3tag seems to show the contents of either when I set the custom field to display in the tag panel whether written to one or the other, but other software does not (Minimserver/Jriver). So many of my albums in either of these do not display as they should or not at all because one or the other tag is empty. Minimserver seems to not like it if I put both tags on the indexTags line as it thinks they are duplicates. And Jriver just ignores the one not in the custom library fields list. Is there anything I can do about this as mp3tag just shows the field in the fields list as capital letters so I can't display both.

What kind of files are these?
Flac files?
As with MP3 or MP4 files there should not be any problem as that what you see as COMPOSERSORT is mapped to TSOC (MP3) or soco (MP4).
Also, Composersort is no

it is a standard field.
as you can see in the documentation:

If you want to modify the case of tag fields, see

This topic also explains some of the options in changing case for tag field names.

If you really need ComposerSort to make it appear in Minimserver/Jriver, you can change the entry in usrfields.ini and columns.ini to ComposerSort and re-save the tag.

Thank you both for your replies. They are FLAC files. Sorry ohrenkino, my ignorance there. River didn't have this tag in the stock list so I assumed it was a custom field. I remember around the timing that I was adding it I was asking something on the JRiver forum and it came up that the tag field names in JRiver were case sensitive and I thought "Oh no.....!". This means a lot of files to edit. I check out the case conversion method but will be a lot of work I think. Florian, are these entries changed in mp3tag? Where would I find these files on a Mac?

A simpler solution for me would be to map ComposerSort to Composersort in JRiver but I've not figured that out yet - might not be doable.

Unfortunately, this can't be modified for the Mac version in the same way as it uses different means to store the app configuration data.

I found your topic on the JRiver forums and from what I read there, it's mainly affecting M4A files.

What's puzzling is, that JimH is referring to the ComposerSort field as custom tag, which make me think that JRiver might not be supporting the soco MP4 atom which is used to store the composer sort.

Other topics on the JRiver forum suggest that it's a supported field, also with the standard upper case notation

  1. Changed: In FLAC tags, we load from "Composer Sort" if no data is found in "COMPOSERSORT" (because it could have data from before we standardized).

I haven't found a mapping table that shows the totality of fields supported by MediaCenter. My JRiver trial period expired a long time ago, so I think I can't help you further at this point.

However, you can still try the case conversion action for _TAG as outlined above and see if it fixes the issue for you.

Thanks Florian. And thanks for taking the time to explore the JRiver forums. I think it is too much for me to load every affected album into mp3tag and make any corrections (if I could figure out how to do that - tried with one and failed). Yes it does seem to affect mainly M4A files but not exclusively. My solution now is where I find something in JRiver in one view but not in another as expected I will correct it there and just save it to my JRiver library. Minimserver seems to get round it I think by displaying Composer when Composersort is not available which is fine.