Case Sensitivity default



OK topic closed, I'll concede that we should live with minor syntax changes not being backward compatible. But, I definitely don't agree that changing a major binary default from case sensitivity to non-case sensitivity was a wise thing to do. That checkbox should have been checked by default because all action programming in the past had to be written that way.


The change to case sensitivity was a change which showed unexpected side-effects in your case. I'm really sorry for that and I fully agree with you, that I should have thought of that.

Although I'm trying to prevent such cases with the Development Builds which are also introducing new features and changes besides bug fixes, this one didn't come up. I'm not sure if a longer beta cycle would have adressed this, but I'll consider this step for the next versions.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Unfortunately, I didn't discover the disastrous effect on "NamesLikeThis" losing its case sensitivity immediately because I wasn't using the program much right after the default changed. When I did discover it, I tried reverting back to an earlier version before discovering the new checkbox that required action to retain the old default. I must have more than the average number of actions written because It took a while to find the source of the problem. I even wrote some of those actions programmatically in the beginning using simple but long substitution lists from an ap I used earlier. Fortunately, the case sensitivity issue has rarely affected any of those. It's still an awesome program with a great deal of user control available. Thanks for bearing with my frequent critiques.