catalog number field

I'm using discogs script sometimes, and the script writes catalog number in CATALOG field.
While default mp3tag value is CATALOG#.
So often i end up with 2 different field for the same tag field, how do i avoid that?
maybe new mp3tag introduced new field that is not compatible with the old one?


using ver. 2.40

There is no Mp3tag default value for catalog number. It's a user-defined field.

thx for clarification florian, yes catalog is not a standard tag
but still, if i go to settings, and add field, i can choose #CATALOG

I just wanted to know how to make discogs script writes in the same field, do i rename catalog to #catalog in discogs script than?

Yeah, sure. You can use any reasonable field name you want to use.

The J river software i use seems to have Catalog # as a standard field when you install that program. i added catalog # to mp3 tag by right clicking at the top and clicking customize column the pressed add new, then i put name as catalog #, value %catalog #% and field as %catalog #%. seems to work a treat

when i fetch discog tags using tag scanner software though it seems to put the catalogue numbers into ISRC field though so i end up having to transfer them to catalog # using mp3 tag

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