Category Column Field - How To Add/Change


How do you create a column for the iTunes Category column? I have some songs with text in that field, and no matter how much I try I can't remove it. Or find it in MP3Tag. Anyoen know?


If you open such a song (with iTunes "Category") in Mp3tag and then press ALT+T, what do you see?


I did not see anything. I thought maybe manually add the category in mp3tag.


You would have to force iTunes to write all data to tags.
That data that you then do not see in the tags is probably stored in iTunes' own database and not in the tags. If this is so, then MP3tag cannot do a lot about it.


@psyscope If you like, I can have a look into this track and do a further check with other tools. Just send a PM** to me where I can download your specific song.

** Press on the L-Icon left of my username and send a message where I can DL your song. Of course I delete it as soon as you get my result.