Category names are confusing

I did find the category names confusing, especially Support, General Discussion, and HowTo. To me, General Discussion is where I would go to discuss MP3Tag, not propose enhancements. And I can't tell the difference between Support and HowTo.

For me, MrExcel is the gold standard in naming sections. The section for questions about Excel is named, wait for it, "Excel Questions". The section for questions about the site is named "About This Board".

Other boards, like Bleeping Computer, which serves a much broader range of topics and products, have a lot more sections.

If this were my board, I would:

  • Rename "Support" to "MP3Tag Questions"
  • Rename "HowTo" to "FAQ"
  • Merge General Discussion into Bug Reports or rename it to "MP3Tag Suggestions" and move it down next to Bug Reports.
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I am fine with the current structure.
Just pouring old wine into new skins would force the long-time users (and there are a lot of them) to get used to a new naming scheme without any real benefit.
When new branches (like Mac) are added then the old ones should stay as they are.