CD ripping software suggestion?

Heya. This might be a little off-topic, but I'm trying to build a workflow for my mom to rip audiobook CDs. She's currently using winamp, which refuses to build the disc number into the file path when it rips. She won't install itunes, and we've had many problems with musicmatch so we can't use that either.

So, is there an industry-standard ripping software that is discnumber-aware, that isn't iTunes, winamp, ir MMJB?


foobar2000 or dbpoweramp

I completely agree with the dbPoweramp suggestion. Free for all basic use, and it pulls in CD info from freedb. Even more importantly, it is easy to use if you don't delve too deeply into the Secure Ripping options. Even without involved Secure ripping setup, dbPoweramp uses AccurateRip. Accuraterip verifies that each of your tracks has been correctly ripped by comparing them to rips that other people have made. The more people who have ripped your album and agree with your rip, the higher confidence you have that your rip is correct.

And- discnumber is one of the fields freedb provides, and dbpoweramp definitely writes the discnumber successfully.

Easy CDDA Extractor, although is payware...

my favorit is Exact Audio Copy, it uses the AccurateRip extension too.

I'd say Exact Audio Copy too, but be prepared to take some time setting it up for her - assuming she isn't technically minded. If she is, then I apologise in advance. :rolleyes:

I like the old windows media player.

EAC definetly the way to go.