CD's that have been compiled from multiple Artists

How can I create the proper tags with MP3tag for albums that have various artist?

I have the default install of MP3tag. I selected one album (unknown) , Tag Sources, discogs.

What should I do to have it recognize each individual track?

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As individual titles may occur on several CDs, it is virtually impossible to guess for an individual title to which album it belongs. There are the original album, the greatest hits, the best of, the live version, a maxi single, compilations from various publishers and so forth.
There are some tools around like Musicbrainz Picard, but I found the suggestions in many cases fairly far off.
So, I am afraid, you have to do the search manually.

Thanks for the reply...

I don't need to know the album they came from. I would like to know the rest of the information that can be found about each individual song.

How can I have it search for songs instead of albums?