Certain "special" characters in tag fields

Hello everyone,

Can this program, or mp3 tag generally, have "/" in track name field? I can't seem to make it to work and I could've swear I saw it before, so I'm not sure if it's just me. Cheers.

I hope we are talking about the field TITLE and not the filename.
The slash is a valid character ... yet, some programs interpret the slash as a separator.
But in this thread you find a solution that uses a character that looks like the slash but isn't one:

Sure thing we are talking the field TITLE and not the actual filename itself. :slight_smile: I've got my first PC back in 1991, by now I should know. :)))

Thanks, I will look into this. I tried changing it afterwards from e.g. foobar, but it did't work, so I might just as well try with a similarly looking substitute. Thanks and cheers!

Foobar, I think, uses the slash to indicate multi-value fields.
So if you have a file with the slash in foobar,
load it into MP3tag and see what the field looks like in MP3tag. If there is data missing, use the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and see if there are several fields of the same type.
There is an action in MP3tag to join them.