Certain tags disappear when using Filename -> Tag option

Hey there,
I've been using mp3tag for quite a while - on a PC and on my Mac
I love the software very much and it helps me a lot as a DJ.
Lately i've been experience a problem that I wonder if there's a fix for it.
I take several files and I add the Filename to the composer section in the ID3TAG (it helps me in the search box in my DJ software)
The problem is - this thing deletes my DJ Play count in the software - meaning if a song was played by me for 100 times for example, after the tag change it resets to 0 .. any idea on how to fix it?
I tried other fields like album and the result is still the same, on mac and pc.

I have never had a case where the import of data to one field changes the contents of another field.
It would be interesting to see whether the number of playbacks is actually saved in the file or in the player's database.
So, check the extended tags dialogue prior to the data import and see whether there is a field that keeps the playcount.
If there isn't, then it would be a problem of the player.

I don't know where the number is written in the tag.. I don't know if it's a field that do exist .. but all dj software has this column ..
I checked the normal tag and the external and it's not there..
maybe if there's a way to append the filename to the composer instead of deleting the field completely it might help..

If the player stores that data and considers the modification to indicate a new file and therefore resets the play counter then no modification of the file could prevent that.

Have you pressed Alt-T to check the extended tags dialogue?

Well it does exist
but i don't get it why when I change another field this one changes too

I also see the field POPULARIMETER which has the format

So it could be that your player takes that field seriously and adopts the 0 of that field.

Additionally, you could check what the extended tags look like for a file that you have treated and that has now a play count of 0.

OK I think I solved it
I changed the ID3 type to ID3v2.4UTF-8 instead of ID3v2.3UTF-16

What would have still interested me:
Did the import of data really delete data in other fields? Or was it just the player that could not cope?

It didn't delete any data on other fields
That was really weird because in the dj software it appeared as deleted
but the tag type really fixed it
Don't have any clue why it worked

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