Chanching Year

Hi All,
My name is Han Krol and living in The Netherlands. I discoverd this programm some 3 weeks ago and it is very good. Before that i did all my tagging by hand.

But I need your help. My Mp.3 files are tagged on the normal way. Mostly simple singel Mp.3's . But my Mp.3 files are different. Now it is Year_track no - Artist - Title. Say: 1970_001 - Amsterdam - Lucy, Lucy .

But I need a 2 digit YEAR. Most off my Mp.3's got a 2 digit file names. Like I said, did mostly by hand before I discover this progr.

The above example must be this way:

70_001 - Amsterdam - Lucy, Lucy .

How do I get this too work in Mp3Tag?

Reg. Han Krol, The Netherlands

If you really only want to modify the filename and have not yet filled the fields, then use
Enter as source
and as target pattern
Much wiser would be to use the existing information and fill the tags and then use
Enter as pattern:
$right(%year%)_$num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title%

Thank You very much for Your answer.
I try the last string, but it doesn't work. I get:

_01 - Amsterdam - Lucy, Lucy

And not 70_01 . What is wrong?

Reg. Han

Ups, sorry:
$right(%year%,2) would be correct

Again, Thank You for Your great help. It works now. Both method's. It takes les time know.

reg. han krol, The Netherlands