Change AAC file type to "Mastered for iTunes"



I would like to know if it was possible to change the "type" with Mp3tag?

I would like to put "bought" more in my tags.

Thank you.


Which tag field does "type" refer to?
Have a look at the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and check the field name that shows "Fichier audio AAC acheté".

Exactly, I do not know if there is a field for that ... I would like to put that I bought the song in tag

There is no dedicated field that shows that a file as been bought.
See the help on the list of standard fields:
and choose one. Or if you do not want to use such a field, create a user-defined one.
Or is that, what you see a definition burried in the depths of the OS?

How can we create a field like this?

I would like to create to be marked as done and also to put "Mastered for iTunes" ...

To create a user-defined field ...
open the extended tags dialogue
click the "new" button
enter a name for the field, e.g. achete
enter data for the field, e.g. done
save the modifications by closing all dialogues with OK.

If you need that field more often, you can create an additional column or an entry in the tag panel. Please see the help for that.

Also, it is possible to add that data with an action of the type "format value" for that field.

It's extended tags dialogue ? Or not ?

Yes, that is the extended tags dialogue.

So, I put this and in value ?

I don't know - you said something about "done" and

When I do that, it does not change anything in the information on iTunes...

Ah: now we have to find a field that can hold this information and also be shown by iTunes.
as I said: as there is no dedicated field for that you probably have to "mis-use" one for that purpose - so feel free to pick one from the list of standard fields that is also supported by iTunes.

I will wait for an update of MP3Tag or a script ...

If you have a look at the list of fields in the help, then you will find that iTunes does not support all of them.
So what should the update of MP3tag change in iTunes?
Also, it is not certain, that iTunes saves all the information in tags or reads all of it from there as iTUnes maintains its own database.

Apparently, there is a field shown as "Purchased by" - but see the thread about that field:

Looking at the dump again, I see "MASTERED" as field (which is most likely a user-defined field - does that show in iTunes?) but your dump does not show a field called TYPE as it stops at TITLESORT...

Yes, there is a field shown as "Purchased by".
But I would like to put the tag "Mastered for iTunes". There is no bread for that ....

It's not possible to change this with Mp3tag.