Change album artist at once

Can someone please help me to change artist name at once for multiple files (approx 5000). E.g. artist in some files are "Britney" some are "Bretny" some are "Britny spe", I want to change all three names in once to "Britney spears".
I have exported all artist name to .txt and then converted to excel file name. I have added all correct names against each wrong name. If I change one by one it may take more than one week. But if some one can help me I can save my time.

Many Many thanks for help and time.

I am not quite sure what the purpose is of this step.
You can filter for words and then modify the data for all selected files in one go.
So you can use the filter
%albumartist% HAS Britney OR %albumartist% HAS Bretny OR %albumartist% "Britny spe"