Change Album Title to artist name?

So I am a newbie and need some help. My Jukebox software reads the tag info and will display my songs by album only. I would prefer to have the music display by artist instead. The only way I can figure to do this is to change the Album field to display the artists name. I need to do this as a batch edit to 24000 songs. Please help!

My opinion is not to mess the tags for a software that doesn't fill your needs.
Software comes and goes but your tags, if they are correct, are precious and hard work to get right.

If you nevertheless want to do it you should at least preserve the album information in a user-defined tag, ie. ALBUMSAVE, so that you can get it back in the future.
So combine 2 actions in an action group, which will make the changes in a row.

  1. Action
    Type: Format Value
    Field: ALBUMSAVE
    Format String: %album%

  2. Action
    Type: Format Value
    Field: ALBUM
    Format String: %artist%

My advice:
Always test actions on a playfield before messing your tags.
So copy a part of your mp3s to a seperate folder and test if these actions fill your needs and have a look at what your jukebox-software does.

To prevent the user against further damages of the tag-fields,
without wanting to do it, ...
the first action should be modified to ...
Formatstring: $if2(%ALBUMSAVE%,%ALBUM%)


Thank you so much for the help! I created a separate file for the jukebox files and moved them there. And these were the files i updated. The originals are still available untouched if I need them. As for the jukebox, it looks great! Thanks once again!