Change backslash to forward slash in Genre field

Could You help me to find the right regular expression?
My genres are like "Folk \Blues \Rock" and I want to convert it to "Folk / Blues / Rock".

I do not think that you need a regular expression as it looks like you want to replace one text constant with another and no pattern.
Create an action of the type "Replace" for GENRE
Search string: \
Replace string: /
(please add the required trailing space character for the replace string - it does not show in the post)

Thanks for Your help but it didn't work.
03 02 01

The configuration as you can see in screenshot 1 worked bizarrely.

I then suspect that you have a "multi-value" field.
You can check that like follows:
Select a file that has the backslashes in GENRE
Press Alt-T to open the dialogue "Extended tags".
Check how many fields with the name GENRE you have. E.g. from the screendump: one with "Pop" and one with "Christian".

Use an action of the Type "Merge duplicate fields" for GENRE and enter as separator /.
Like that you should get just one field of the type GENRE and the values separated with the slash.

That was the solution :slight_smile: Tank You very much!