change case

there is an option to change the case of your choice under the heading actions.
for changing the case actions/change that dialogue box after the place for entering the filed, next field is to enter the case of your choice as lower/upper/mixed etc. it is lower case by default. can i change the default -lowercase- to mixed case? so that every time i wanted to change the case to mixed case i need not enter /select from the dropdown list.[color="#FF00FF"][/color]
plz direct. thanks

I think it is fairly easy: before you execute the preset action to modify the case, press the the Edit button and edit the action.
As soon as you save the modified action, your settings (probably mixed then) will be remembered and applied if you carry out the action.

It may be an idea to make a copy of the original action (Copy button in Menu Convert > Actions > Dialog with list of Actions). If you name it accordingly (e.g. Mixed Case) you may execute this action directly from the tool bar action dropdown list.

sorry, i have done as per the suggestion.. i do press on edit and chages to mixed case and pressed save as case mixed. it is seen in the drop down list in the actions button. but i press on it no action is being done. in the quick actions list, case conversion still have the lower case as default. when i opt for case conversion still lower case is the defult one. can yu give some suggestion with screenshots plz.

I am not aware to modify persistently the properties of an action template given by the quick action dialog. A "quick action" does not remember it's last call properties, therefore indeed a quick action is most time not quick, because the user has to set the wanted properties with each call of the "quick action" again, which makes this "quick action" offer a rather slow way to do things.
The developer Florian should change the quick actions functionality to remember the last state of property changes to make them quick as someone would expect.

For creating user defined action templates use Mp3tag/Convert/Action dialog.


thanks a lot . i was using the old version. yesterday i installed new version 2.45a. then i did as you suggested and [color="#FF00FF"]got the result. in the actions group dropdown list i select change case and it is done. but still, when i go for actions list and select case conversion, i get the lower case as the default......thanks for the suggestion once again.have a nice day.