Change directory command

Firstly as a new forum member, thanks for an outstanding program.
I have used Mp3tag for some time, and latest version seems to have removed a feature I found very helpful.
Previously if I was working through a directory of folders, the "Change Directory" icon would take me to the directory I had been using and it was simply a matter of moving to the next folder. Now I have to re-sort through the whole tree starting with "computer".
Is it possible to reset to the "old"feature ??

I am not quite sure whether your PC behaves properly - as I see nothing wrong with the change directory function. That is, any kind of directroy selection starts with the last selected directory. So I would not want to get any other function "restored" as this one is fine, in my opinion.

(I use MP3Tag 2.45a with Xp, Vista and 7 and did not find anything peculiar.

Thanks for that. I am using v2.45a with Vista Home Prem. Given your experience I tried downloading and re-installing it after first deleting the previous install. Sad to say nothing has changed. I may try to find an earlier version to see if that will solve the problem.
But thanks again for your input.

Ah, much better: If you have Vistas Media Center in use that may explain the locked directory. Vista updates databases in the background (have a look at the task manager and see the astounding amount of processes). It may be that Vista finds that folder you have been working in most attractive and looks for changes that may be needed for the track database and stuff.

Also, opening the folder in MP3tag and the Explorer will lock it for deletion.
If nothing helps than start Windows in Secure Mode (press F8 repeatedly while booting), navigate to the folder and try to delete it. If that also fails, I am at the end of my wits.