Change directory (ctrl-D)

When changing directory (Ctrl-D) to select a different directory within the same general directory,
the previous path is not retained. We have to restart from the root directory and go step by step
to that general dirtectory (sometime several step) and select the next subdirectory.
Is there a way to retain that path from one change to another.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I don't use Mp3tag's directory navigation very often, but I don't see the behavior you describe. If I do Ctrl-D or use the :mt_dir: Change Directory button, it begins navigation in the current folder.

I can confirm (here on Win XP) what JJ Johnson said in post #2.
There is also the possibility using [Ctrl]+[Q] to open the Tag-Panel and use the folder edit box to find last used folders in the list.
With Tag-Panel closed or open, such scrolling through last used folders is also available by pressing [Alt]+[CursorRight] resp. [Alt]+[CursorLeft].
But keep in mind, that such folder scrolling automatically destroys the current "Undo" list.


I'm using window 7 and ctrl-d do not return to the current directory.
I have a long directory structure. like
dg recording
...240 directories for each cd of the serie
after changing tags in let say directory 12 I want to go to directory 13 to do the same,
i do ctrl-d and i have to do every step previously done like selecting E, then libraries and so on
My question is: is there anyway to retain the last general directory : dg recording?
Thank you

I'm also running Mp3tag in Windows 7. What do have in the options under Tools > Options > Directories for 'Favorite directory' and 'Start from this directory'? Try setting the first to blank (empty) and put a checkmark on the second. Then relaunch Mp3tag and see if the behavior is any different.

Cannot believe it, besides you have defined Ctrl+D otherwise globally used in the Windows system.

Hm ... using the Tag-Panel's folder edit box you can copy the current folder's pathname to Clipboard and paste it into a Notepad document for intermediate storage, from where you can get it to paste it back, perhaps modified, into the folder edit box. You may also edit the pathname in the edit box directly.


If, for some reason you can't get this to work, maybe a different approach to using Mp3tag would be advisable (and may be easier in any case). I've been using Mp3tag for many years and invariably the way I launch Mp3tag to edit an album is from Windows Explorer. I keep an Explorer window open, right-click the target folder, select Mp3tag and I'm there. If I want to edit the next album in line, back to Explorer and right-click. No need to close Mp3tag between albums. I think you might find this quicker than using Mp3tag's internal directory navigation, even if you do get it to retain the directory.

On Windows 7:
You can use the breadcrumb bar at the top of the dialog to navigate from the current dir.

Or you can change this behavior in the Windows Explorer settings:
Open an Explorer window.
Click Organize > Folder and Search Options > General tab
and select [x] Automatically expand to current folder

Thank you. It was in the expolrer window setup.

Thank you. It was in the expolrer window setup.
And also thank you for all the tricks and hints you all gived me. This is appreciated.

I don't WANT to start in the current folder. I'm DONE with the current folder. I want to go the NEXT folder in the parent folder.

However, since upgrading to 2.54, when I hit the Change Directory button, the parent folder tree is collapsed, and it only shows the current folder, which, as I said, I'm done with. I have to re-expand the directory tree under the parent to get to the next folder.

Previous versions didn't do this. When I hit Change Directory, it brought up the folders exactly the way I left them, and all I had to do was pick the next folder in the list and go.

Is there a way to keep the parent folder open instead of collapsing between changing folders?

WOW! :w00t: I tried this, and it works even better and faster than the old way I was doing it. I just keep a Windows Explorer window above the MP3Tag window, and I can move right down through the list of folders in fewer steps than before. Thanks a lot, JJ! :wink: