Change file name

I have more then 13000 audio files, for a playout program, they use at the end ~ and then like 2.45 that's the time in seconds from the real end of the file to start the next file.
Now a want to use a new playout program that's run by a database, so the information is not necessary, how can MP3TAG this doing that for me.
The problem is that after ~ the chars are variant at the most like 15.36 or les 2.3, all the information including ~ has to be removed.

Has someone an solution?

Thank in advange, Nico.

Use this:
Name of action group: _Script Test#TEST

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: \s*~\s+[\d.]{1,8}(.mp3)$
Replace matches with: $1

[ ] case-sensitive comparison


Do i something wrong? nothing happend. See attachments


This is the problem of descriptions instead of examples.

Instead of


This do the job, thank you so much.

Greetings Nico.

Was unclear what pattern you had in the first post.