Change iTunes Playback Settings

iTunes will only allow the playback settings (located under the options tab) to be changed one file at a times. For all my videos, I like to flag my playback options to "remember playback position" & "skip when shuffling". iTunes offers no way to make these changes to multiple items all at once. Is there a way to apply these changes using MP3tag?

See the help for supported fields:
Do you know whether these settings are actually stored in the tag or are just something that iTunes holds in its own database?
You could find out the latter by examining a file where you set the option with a hex editor.

I do not know where they are stored but they are kept. Once you select these 2, save changes & open back up - that video will forever keep those settings unless they are changed (if that helps any). I'll look into that last option. Traveling today but I will as soon as I can, I will.

It would be interesting to see how the settings are for the same file on a different machine or how they are when you delete that file from the iTunes library and then re-read it. If the settings are still the modified ones, then iTunes will probably save the setting in a file. Otherwise it is most likely an iTunes database thing. And MP3tag will not modify the iTunes database.

I'm gonna give up on this for now - but wanted to thank you for trying to help. :+1: