Change language.

I don't find any recent (and still available) help to change from russian language to french.

Please help.

is where you switch the MP3tag internal language file... if that is what you meant.

I had the answer from Coder.

Press Ctrl+O to open the preferences and choose the second last entry on the left. There you can choose 'French' and restart Mp3tag.

Thank you very much but Russian wasn't readable at all for me so i couldn't even read "language" in the option menu. :wink:

Yeah, that is really a problem. In that case it would only have helped to step through all the options and see when the list with all the flag symbols would have appeared. From then on it probably would be easy enough to find French.
But as you have sorted it out. AOK.

The helps i find from 2008 and 2004 explained very complicated methods (regedit and reinstall) to change the language. I thaught i still occured today.