Change Metatag download info...

I've seen this somewhere before, I Think, but I can't recall where and how to add it to the scripts (Pone / Dano)

I want to change within the script Various Artists to V.A. Using Pone / Dano script want to make the universal change for all src.

When downloading tag info from Discog it shows as Various Artists. I've made an action to do this but I have to run it twice. First to change the Album Artist to V.A. and then, second to change the folder Name from Various Artist - xxxxx to V.A. - xxxxxxx


Just make an action group with these 2 actions, then it is ony 1 click.

You know that you cannot name a folder "V.A."?
The last dot is dropped.

I didn't see the two actions you are referencing, but I think I know what you meant. Got it and it's working with one click.


V.A. - Blues & Soul The Soul Years 1966-1999 Volume 9 - 2001