Change of system toolbar information

I would like to suggest one useful thing: let the user decide, what is shown at the very bottom

There is a this "system toolbar" that shows:

  • number of selected files
  • time of selected files
  • size of selected files
  • number of all loaded files
  • time of all loaded files
  • size of all loaded files

And as so, there is a lot of space left there. It would be handy if one could put there some additional info- a selected tag field. For example I would put there

%_file_mod_date%because I often do things requiring that piece of info and I would simply save some space for my other columns. Because it is better / quicker for me to see on a single screen [without scrolling] all of my tag field columns, even if I don't see all of the data in all of those fields [because some have a lot of info put into them]

An ability like that could be also used to put there [at the very bottom] maybe even some function. And if it could be combined with the use of colors, then this would be a good way to prepare some alert: I could have some specific info written in for example red, showing up every time I would select an file with some kind of what I consider to be an error. This of course would not work if the selection was of more that one file

And this is probably the difference between the current state and the suggestion: the current state is that a summary is displayed.
Data that applies to only a single file or a number of files is probably better shown in the files list or in the tag panel.
Perhaps you have an idea for other data that can be summarized for all the loaded files.

For comparison, this is how original FreeCommander looks like versus my version [seen below the magenta line] in witch I adjusted its Status Bar

FC Status Bar

This might not seem like much, but those upgrades make my day-to-day more comfortable. [Plus there are some adjustments made by me to what is displayed after hovering upon that Status Bar]

But after all that time that has passed since posting this proposition, I still would like to see that in Mp3tag an ability to be able to display tag data chosen by the user at its bottom. There is so much free space that is now laying not being utilized

Oh how I wish I could just put TITLE or FILENAME in the Status Bar [which of course would be shown only if one file would be selected]