Change of the default folder icon is not implemented in Mp3tag

This bug comes straight out out from this topic on the FreeCommander forum:

Apparently some software [like Corel Draw X7 or Firefox] can display for folders an icon that I have chosen, while others [like Mp3tag, FreeCommander, ACDSee 3.1] cannot. At least in Window 7 x64

And by chosen I mean part 1 of this registry hack:

Up there they say to set values 3 and 4, but I also tried values 0, 1, 2 and from 5 to 10; to no luck

So can anyone can confirm after changing the icon for folders [and seeing the change occuring in Windows Explorer] in Mp3tag when navigating within the window named

Save configuration in...

available at the

File > Save Configuration

the folders still look the same as they did before hacking the registry? That the display the defaut OS icon

And if yes, then question to @Florian would be: where does Mp3tag gets his information on where is the folder icon being stored by the operating system? Because apparently not from the

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons

Doesn't MP3tag use the Explorer dialogues as supplied by the OS?
Which view do you use in this Explorer WIndow? Details? Large Icons? Very large Icons?

And: I will most definitely not hack my registry.

I'm using a standard Windows dialog for file and folder navigation which is provided by the system.

Nothing I plan on changing.

I checked out every option in Windows Explorer- and every shows the new icon

I also checked out every option in FreeCommander and ACDSee- and not one shows the new icon

So it is not a bug. But does it have a name? Something I could look for on the Internet, to try figure out what too tamper with in the registry?

Apparently this standard window is not using that registry entry that I quoted; and some software [like Corel DRAW] use some different window than which Mp3tag uses, while other [liek the very old ACDSee] possibly use the same registry information as that standard window that Mp3tag utilizes

And maybe this duality has something to do with 32 vs. 63 bit version of the OS? Maybe Mp3tag uses some old version of this window, while the Firefox utilizes a [hypothetical] new one which happens to store information about the icons somewhere else [thus showing the new icon]? Even on the Taskbar I can see the new icon and not the standard one