Change order of Title and Artist in Tag Panel

I'd like to change the order of the Artist and Title fields in the Tag Panel, since I find it confusing that Title is shown above Artist. However, I can only find that I can add additional tags to the tag panel (and change the order of those fields), but I cannot find if it is possible to do that for the default fixed fields.

Does anybody know if this is possible, and if not: can I file a feature request?

You can't change the default fields
The idea behind putting the TITLE first is that this is probably the field that needs most of the editing.
Most of the other fields stay the same for all the files of an album - and the track number can be handled by the numbering wizard. Like that, you do not have to use tab to reach the field TITLE.

So as this is comfortable to some extent, you will probably not succeed with a feature request (although this is not me to judge).

The only advice I can currently give: get used to it for the time being.