Change setcover for many files

I have a number of files that I want to extract Cover as a cover file name using the program and based on the file name. Please give me some guidance.


As format string you use: %_filename%

But do you really want to use the filename as image name?
Normally a cover is album based and the same for all files of an album.
So if you have several files of an album you get many of the same album covers saved with the name of songs.
Why don't you want not save with the name of %albumartist% - %album%?

Assuming that he has 1 album per folder he could also go the route of first filtering for only the first track of each album via:

%track% IS 1 OR %track% IS 01

To account for nonpadded and padded track numbers.
And then he could simply extract the covers of these with a default name like "Cover.jpg" or "Folder.jpg" and end up with exactly 1 image per folder.

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