Change size of cover image thumbnail?

Is it possible to resize the embedded image as it appears below the tag panel?

I'm working on a project now where the mp3s are digitized 78 rpm records from the Internet Archive, and the images are the disc labels. It would help a lot if I could read the details on the label within mp3tag so I could transfer some information on the labels into tagged metadata, but the image would have to be considerably bigger.

To clarify, I'm not talking about the size of the actual image that's embedded in the file (e.g. 500px x 500px), but rather the size of the thumbnail-size image on my screen.

I've browsed the documentation, explored the program, and searched these forums without luck.

This is my first post here, though I have been a longtime user of mp3tag. So if I've inadvertently done anything wrong - like posting in the wrong category - please be gentle!

Make sure you're using the latest beta: ver 2.88f

Florian (the developer) has recently made the tag panel very flexible and user configurable.
Now, album art changes size as the edges of the tag panel are dragged to make it bigger or smaller.
To make the art as big as possible, I suggest having the tag panel on the side.

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Thank you, ryerman! This is exactly what I was looking for. Basically the same system as in foobar2000 - make the filelist panel narrower, and the image expands.

I also like that the tag boxes are variable size (though I wish they could be rearranged in drag-n-drop fashion). I normally shy away from beta versions, but I've experienced no glitches with 2.88f so far.

Well done, Florian (in the beautiful city of Dresden)

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