change tag panel

I am using Internet Explorer 8 and Windows XP. All my music is on an external hard drive and to play any song I have to click on "Name" clicking on "Title" does nothing. Is it possible for me to change the entry in the tag panel of Mp3Tag from "Title" to "Name" so that when I add more music I can enter the title of the song in "Name" instead of "Title"

Where are you trying to play the song? In Mp3tag?

The 'tag panel' is the area normally on the left, which looks like a form. The "file list" is the spreadsheet looking arrangement, in columns, on the right. Which are you talking about?

Hello JJ I am trying to play the songs direct from my hard drive but I can only play them if I click on "Name" which I suspect is the same as "Filename" in Mp3Tag

The question was, what software are you in? What is displaying 'name' when you do the clicking?

If you're talking about "Windows Explorer" (AKA "My Computer" "My Documents" etc) and you're just double-clicking on the filename to launch your default MP3 player, then the next question is - what program is that?

Personally if you're advanced enough to care about tagging your music and know about MP3Tag, then you should really be choosing a player soft that will let you set up playlists, sort by your tag contents etc.

Foobar2000 is one popular such tool, others like MusicBee, really there are dozens.

If you prefer the simplicity of navigating by folder, then I highly recommend downloading "1by1" and making that your default player for your MP3s.

So, it sounds like what you're asking is how to change the filename in Mp3tag. Is that correct?

I think most people use actions to rename files based on other fields such as TRACK, TITLE, ARTIST (or ALBUMARTIST), possibly ALBUM. This gives them consistency in file naming. First, you make sure each of the fields you use is complete and correct, then you rename the file using an action or action group.

You can add filename to the file view (columns). I believe it's already defined for you, but not visible. Right-click in the column headers and select 'Customize columns...'. See if there's a 'Filename' or similar in the list without a check mark next to it. Just check it and hit OK. You can then manually edit filenames in the file view.

I just tried adding a field for filename to the tag panel, but using _FILENAME for the field doesn't appear to work. I'm not sure why that is...

From within Mp3tag you can invoke the system's standard media player for all selected files by pressing the shortcut key [F4].


Hm, maybe because it is the "Tag Panel"?
The name of the file is an attribute of the physical file in a file system, but not a value of a tag-field in a media file.
The name of the file can be changed in the Mp3tag file list view by pressing shortcut key [F2].