Change tag type/ Remove RIFF

I have an album w tags that arte identified as RIFF ID3v2.3, I think the RIFF part is keeping my music player form reading this tag.....How to remove the RIFF and just make it a reg. ID3v2.2 tag?



are the ID3 tags for WAV files. So you have the choice to either have WAV files with tagged information, then it is RIFF ID3v2.3, or you remove the tag data altogether. You cannot remove just "RIFF".
Or you rip the files to FLAC or MP3 and see if that works better.

Thankyou I have very few MP# files in my music collection, mostly FLAC, thanks for the explanation

It's actually two different tag types — RIFF INFO and ID3v2, both stored in RIFF chunks for WAV files. As @ohrenkino has pointed out, it's not possible with Mp3tag to use only one of those tagging formats, always both are written.

I've now found several threads like this one here and on other sites regarding the RIFF tag type causing problems with WAV files.

Foobar2000 has no problem writing non RIFF normal ID3v2.3 tags to WAV files.

In my case, I need to edit some tags in wav files, wanted to use Mp3tag to do it, but can't, because it only writes this RIFF thing that makes the tags not work in the other programs I need it to work in.

If Foobar2000 can write normal (non RIFF) ID3 tags to WAV files, I don't see why Mp3tag can't either.

As far as I know Foobar also writes RIFF-chunks.