Change text in parentheses

My Original Filename is:
Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Studio Acapella)

I have alot of filenames structured like this. How do I change whatever inside those parenthesis(they are all different) to (Acapella)

What do the tag fields look like?
It should be easy to recreate a proper filename from the tag fields with Convert>Tag-Filename.

If you tag fields are not filled then do that first.
You can filter for files that have "acapella" in the filename with
%_filename% HAS Acapella

The tag fields are empty. As you say... If its easy to do, I'll try it, but remember, I mentioned that anything inside the parenthesis is what I want change, and they're all different.


Use the filter, then try
Format String: %artist% - %title% (%dummy% %genre%)

This should fill the fields ARTIST, TITLE and GENRE
Now try Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: %artist% - %title% (%genre%)

Thanks for your response..Note the old and new Filename. What I'm trying to do is change everything in parenthesis in the old (they are all different) to the new (All of them to Acapella)
Will Convert>Filename-TAG do that?
old - Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Studio Acapella)

new - Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Acapella)


So you don't really care what you find in the parenthesis?
After you have imported the part from the filename into the tag fields
use Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: Format string: %artist% - %title% (Acapella)

That sounds better, and Correct and I dont care what's inside the parenthesis in the OLD, I'm concern with all the filenames looking like this (Acapella) in the NEW.


Was able to tag properly, but when using %artist% - %title% (Acapella), it doesn't change what's inside the parenthesis it just adds (Acapella)

IE. - Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (Studio Acapella) (Acapella).mp4"

Is there some type of Wildcard I can use to select all characters within the parenthesis of the old filename and replace those characters with (Acapella) for the new filename

Then you did not

as this would have produced a TITLE field without anything in parenthesis.

MP3tag is a tagging program with the main purpose to tag files. It can also rename files.
But this is done best with tag field data. So get the tag fields right before you start fiddeling with the filename.

You could still have a look at the function Convert>Filename-Filename which features some kind of wildcards with the %1, %2, etc. placeholders.

Understood... thank for your help