Change the font of the app to differentiate l (L) from I (i)

Currently the L (lowercase) and I (uppercase) look the same in MP3Tag, can you please change the font for one that shows "more" different chars for those two letters?

SubtitleEdit had this problem and they fixed it using Tahoma as the font, I don't know of any other font that shows different chars.

AFAIK Mp3tag uses the system font ... so if you change that ...

I think that having a setting to specify the font used by the application would be better than changing the font system wide.

I would have assumed that the problem to differentiate those letters would be a problem occurring in every application and not just MP3tag.

Oh, yes, but the other applications, at least the ones I use and that rely a lot on text, have the option to choose the font to use within the app. XRecode, XYplorer, SubtitleEdit, MKVToolNix and foobar2k to name some. Would be great if we could choose the font in MP3Tag too.

To be honest: I still find it rather laborious to change the font in each individual application instead of changing it globally.