Change the tag format


in addition to my last support topic - you can find it here - I want to ask, if it's possible to change the tag format of an file from MP4 to ID3v2.


Only if you also change the file format from MP4 to mp3.

Which would also mean to change from a lossless format to a lossy compression format.

The OP asked for a way

Naturally, you could also transform files to WAV or FLAC (and probably a couple of other formats). But are tags in these files then ID3V2 tags?

I'd like to point out some things here:

MP4 files don't have ID3v2 tags. They use so called MP4 atoms to store metadata and a MP4 file having an ID3v2 tag outside the MP4 container structure is considered broken.

Consequently, Mp3tag has no support for editing ID3v2 tags for MP4 files.

That's also something worth considering given the conclusions in the linked topic. As already offered via private email, I can have a look at an example test file.

MP4 is not a lossless format. It's a container format that usually contains lossy AAC. Converting this to MP3 is transcoding one lossy format to another.

I had in mind that MP4 also is a container for ALAC.

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