Change the title and filename, keeping the numbers


Hi, people. I just started to use Mp3tag today, this is the first time i use a music tag editor program, so i don't understand much about it. I've read the help and FAQs Forum section for main parts, but most of the terms are a bit complicated to comprehend at first glance.

I'd like to know if it's possible when I change the title, the filename changes too, following automatically the first action, but keeping its (filename) order number. All filenames have ordering numbers, titles don't.

e.g.: title: xYZ -> changes to xyz. So filename also changes to the same as title, but 01-xyz.

I try to do it using strings, but I'm still confused... :wacko:


I don't fully understand what you want to achieve. Is the casing your only problem (since you wrote xYZ -> xyz as example)? If yes, you can use an action for that and make the filename all lower case. That shouldn't remove your numbers.

Otherwise, import the numbers from the beginning of the filename to a temporary field (let's name it %mytempfield%), do whatever you want to the title, generate a new filename and use a formatstring like %mytempfield%-%title% and finally remove the temporary field. This can be done with an action group:

Action #1:
Action type: Guess values
Source format: %_filename%
Guessing pattern: %mytempfield% %dummy%

Action #2:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: %mytempfield%-%title%

Action #3:
Action type: Remove fields
Fields to remove (semicolon-separated): MYTEMPFIELD


No,' so tricky...Well, first of all: The titles of songs don't have numbers and filenames do have, ok? I want rename the titles and simultaneously I want filenames follow that same action but keeping its numbers. That's all. What it happens is CDex has a bug which is generating incorrect titles of songs and everytime I have to rename them...And then I want to titles match filenames, with exception of keeping the numbers of last ones...

Anyway, thanks for your attention, Sebastian.