Change "Title (Artist Remix)" to "Title - Artist Remix"

I want to change all my music remixes from the form

Title (Artist Remix)

to the form used in Spotify

Title - Artist Remix

I can use the replace function for the brackets however if there are extra brackets e.g. (feat...) this will mess up the tags.

Any help?

Only if you list all the cases where you want to do it

What do you mean? List example songs?

Example patterns.

Right now, you told us that there is a pattern with one pair of brackets: Title (Artist Remix)

And you also told us that there is another pattern

So where do you find these extra brackets?

Ok, here are three actual examples


Always (Friction Remix)

Alright (Damn Kids Remix) (feat. Sway)

Another Day (Ft. Popeska) (xKore Remix)

I can't provide every example as there are over 400 remixes. The titles with extra brackets may be before or after the 'remix' brackets, and may differ for each song.

I feel the only way to accomplish this would be get mp3tag to change any

"(* Remix)"


"- * Remix"

However I am not sure how to specify the variable *

Try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression"
Search string: (.*)\((.*Remix)\)
Replace string: $1 - $2

That worked almost perfectly except gave an extra space before the '-'. I changed the replace string to
$1- $2
and that seemed to work great; thanks!

I tried to use this again recently and it didn't seem to work anymore (possibly due to an update)

However I got it working with the following updated search string:


The '' mean that the brackets are searched for in the text, instead of starting a new capturing group

I doubt that the regex parser got updated.
Unfortunately, I do not see any ''
Use the accent grave to enclose text that is to be taken literally.
If you want to escape special characters in the regex, use the backslash, like

Due to an update of the forum software. I've fixed the formatting and it seems you're using the exact same expression :slight_smile:

Ooh I see, interesting! Thanks :slight_smile: