Change 'Title' field

Hi everybody,

I'd like to find out how to change the Title field of the MP3 ID3-tag (so it's NOT about the title field in the filename). I've tried several options, but without any results.

For example I'd like to delete the track# information in front of the title field (see attachment).

Anybody who can help?

Thanks in advance.



create an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE.
enter as format string:


Works only for titles that have 3 characters before the real title starts.

Thanks for this information, but after trying it does not work as I hoped. It makes the complete Title field empty. Could you please have a look at this again and get me a correct code?
Also, can I change some input information as you wrote above to change titles with less or more characters before the real title?

Thanks again.

Oh, well, you could have checked for typos yourself:
$mid(%title%,4,$len(%titlte%)) -> $mid(%title%,4,$len(%title%))