Change Video Kind in MP4



I have done a search for this, but couldn't come across anything. Please forgive me if it has already been covered.

Is there any way to change the Video Kind metadata in mp4 videos? This are used in iTunes and can be set as "Movie", "Music Video", or "TV Show".
I can change them individually in iTunes, but I have several hundred to get through!





Just started using MP3TAG on my home-converted MP4 videos, and have the same question.

In iTunes, I modified the video type and saved them as different files (for Movie, Music Video, and TV Show). MP3TAG showed them to have the same tag values, but a hex compare showed definite differences.

In addition to the original question, does anybody know for sure how the iPod determines whether the video is a Movie, Music Video, or TV Show? Does it use tags?



Yes, it's some tag but it's not supported.



Do you have any information, or could you post a URL describing this tag? I've come up empty. I'd even be willing to write a little code to facilitate my needs.



Search for atomicparsley and then look for stik