Change Web Browser

If possible... where can I point MTE to use a different browser...

I use Safari just for searching music or working with MTE. However, because Firefox is my default browser, MTE - when selecting "Preview" or when inside the actual tag editing page - I have to manual switch over to Safari.

Any way I can config MTE to use Safari...

More for convenience... thanks

What's MTE?

I should have stated: MTE (MP3 Tag Editor).

When looking up an album and, MTE may give you several choices. Also, you have the option to hit Preview or Information page which uses the default Browser to show the Album info (in this case, Discogs)... I would like the option to change which Browser, it uses to preview information... if it's possible.

Better write just Mp3tag...

I think it's not possible, it can only use the default browser.