Changed comments dont show up in mediamonkey/windows

Hi im sure you can help me, but i cant find an answer on my own for this.

So if I delete my comments in mp3tag with value %comment%, hit save, and after a refresh scan in mediamonkey, the data is still there. Same in Windows Explorer.
Something strange accourse when im adding text to the (now) empty comment cell in mp3tag: In mediamonkey, the new comment is shown up together with the old entry.
I played around with tag section in the preferences, but I have no glue : )

Have a look at the extended tag-view and tell us what tagfields and content you see there.
Also have a look at the Tag-type (ID3v ..., Ape ...) in the extended tag-view.
And finally: What do the preferences in reading, writing and deleting with mp3s look like.

Could you check if there is more than one field of the type COMMENT - see the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T)
If that is not the case, check the dialogue title and see if it mentions APE.
If this is so, check the settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg which tags you read.
If you do not read APE tags but they are present in the file, it is most likely that the COMMENT is hidden there.
I would get rid of APE tags altogether as they usually cause this kind of trouble.

Alright, I think its easier if I show you my screen

Ape, Mpc mpeg

altt rightklick

Your settings show that you do not write the updated data back to the APE tags.
MP3tag interprets the tags so that APE has priority over ID3V2.3 over ID3V1.
So if there are APE tags in a file and you read APE tags then you see only the contents of APE tags.
Fascinatingly, you do write APE tags. So by now APE and ID3V2.3 are out of sync which you can check for yourself if you switch off reading APE - this should show the contents of the ID3 tags.
As the tags now probably contain different data, you have to decide which you want to keep.
As I said: I would get rid of the APE tags, you could easily reconstruct the gain data with programs (like foobar2000) that do not use APE tags to save them.
And you should set Mediamonkey so that it does not sink that data in APE tags.

Thank you, I tried to figuered out like mentioned, its better now but there still some exceptions cause there are few other "comment"-like data that are not displayed with %comment%. I think if its only about to get rid of this data the "ALT-T"-dialog its easier to delete.