Changed cover doesn't display in m4a files in windows explorer and desktop

Hello. After removing and changing the front cover in *.m4a in MP3Tag windows version - it continues to displays the removed cover in windows explorer and even if copied onto desktop. Even the restarting of explorer doesn't correct it. It displays the changed cover only after rebooting the computer. Any solutions?

I would always think that if MP3tag shows the modified data correctly, then MP3tag has done its duty.
If the player then acts up, it would be a question for the support of the player why the player does not behave.

Anyway: it could be that there are still folder.jpg files lurking around in the file folder.
Or that the windows media player cache still holds the old picture.
In both cases only deleting the old data will help, if this is the cause.
The WMP cache resides in
%localappdata%\Microsoft\Media Player\Grafikcache\LocalMLS
That folder can be removed without any further side effects.

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Thanks for information, but however all the players display the new cover correctly and there is no background folder.jpg around the file, because I import the covers only inside the audio files.
★ Thus, the new cover thumbnail display problem isn't related with any player, it is an explorer thumbnail display matter with m4a files. And the explorer cache is in
★ So, is it possible to add an action in MP3Tag, which would remove the corresponding old thumbnail from the cache folder and update it with new cover thumbnail?

Only if you know which name is used for that file.
I don't.

Think this is a request for MS to address.

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