changed track numbers don't seem to be saved...

I'm a fairly inexperienced Mp3tag user, so please bear with me :rolleyes:

I have a lot of classical music boxed sets which I'm putting onto my smartphone to listen to. Rather than have them catalogued as, let's say, Aida CD1, Aida CD2 etc. I make one big Aida playlist in which the track numbers from CD2 continue on from those of CD1.

Using Mp3tag, I change the track numbers of second and third CDs when there are multiple discs, and delete what I think might create problems with the new tags.

Even so, in some of my playlists, I'm finding that there is track 1 from CD1 followed by track 1 from CD 2, even if the numbers of the tracks from CD2 should continue on from those of CD1.

What is happening, and how can I fix this? (very simple instructions if you reply, please!!) :huh:

Several things:
Playlist do not get updated if you modify the tags. You have to trigger the creation of a new playlist.

To number all tracks of a collection of e.g. CDs (which, BTW, is actually irrelevant) can be done best with the Track Numbering Wizard:
Make sure the files are in the correct sequence.
Select all files.
Open the Track Numbering Wizard.
Tick the boxes for padding and totals if you like.
Do not tick the box for reset counter for each folder.
Run the wizard.

If your playlists rely on the filename and the filenames feature the track number then make sure that the filenames reflect the changes i.e. rename the files with the Convert function "Tag-Filename" and have $num(%track%,2) in there somewhere.

Thanks for your reply, ohrenkino.

I've tried what you suggested. I opened the problematic playlists, selected all, and then used the track numbering wizard (even if I had already previously placed the tracks in the correct sequence.
But once I'd put them back onto my smartphone, the problem I wrote about earlier was still present.
My file names are generally preceded by a track number in brackets, but this is always present in the title as well.
I cannot see any other references to track numbers, unless I have 'hidden' an important column when customising.
The strange thing is that this problem only regards 5 playlists out of about 60 that involve CD box sets.
Do you have any other suggestions?

Actually, the track number should be stored in the field TRACK, not in the title.
You could check if you have still the field TRACk shown in a column. Also, you could browse through the list of files loaded via the playlist and check in the tag panel, if the entry for TRACK changes.

I do not know what your player makes of a playlist - perhaps it has a mind of its own and sorts the files by different criteria than the order given in the playlist?
If it looks at the filename then you could use Convert>Tag-Filename to modify the filenames ...
Do you have access to the filesystem of the player so you can check if the played sequence coincides with the file sequence? This would then suggest to modify the filesnames.
But as you see that I am only issuing wild guesses: it is very hard to tell from the distance.

Yes, there is a separate track column, and the numbers do correspond to those in the file and title columns.
It's almost as if, for the 5 playlists in question, that the smartphone's mp3 player still recognises the individual CDs and not a single playlist. In one playlist, for example, the first track is 1, followed by 27, followed by 48, which are the first tracks from each of the three CDs.
I have removed 'Discnumber' from the columns, but perhaps there is some other information in another column that identifies the original discs. The tags do not seem to do this.I can't see anything in the 'properties' of the individual tracks or in the 'extended tags.'

Could you check what you have put in the field ALBUMARTIST?
Perhaps some files have it filled and others do not.
Also, some files may have set the field COMPILATION.
In general, there should not be any hidden fields that confuse a smartphone player. Any kind of hidden fields can only be evaluated by special applications that put them there.

Yes, I've checked all of this ohrenkino. I don't know what to think. In the past I have had problems because of typing mistakes in some fields, or not all names being spelled the same etc. but everything seems to be okay in this case.
I cannot see any COMPILATION field.
I was going to send you a screenshot of one of the problematic playlists as you may have been able to spot something that I can't see, but the file is too big, even when zipped.
I really appreciate your help and advice :rolleyes:

Perhaps it is possible to shorten the playlist to just 5 or 6 tracks and show in one how they look in mp3tag and what the smartphone makes of them. (two separate shots or just a description about the sequence on the smartphone)

Yes, but I might have to get back to you tomorrow on this as something urgent has come up here at home. In the meantime, do you think it might be worth removing the numbers that I'd included in the file names and titles, and then resetting the numbering wizard?

as renaming files is really easy with the Convert function "Tag-Filename" it might be interesting to see if the smartphone treats files then differently. or then keeps the sequence in the playlist.

I'm glad this question has been asked because I've been thinking about this myself.

I used MP3Tag several years ago, and have since lost my copy of my audio Bible I ripped from CD's, So now I have to rip them all again, and in many cases, the tracks of multiple CD's will be condensed into one folder (book). This means I have to relearn MP3Tag...

So I think the 1st response answers one of my questions, but I won't be able to try until I get home tonight. However, in the meantime I have one question in my mind.

Is there a default standard for MP3 players that defines what order the tracks are played? is it title or track #?

I'm assuming track #, but I recently ripped a few Cd's using Windows default player and based on how out of sequence the tracks were played, I can't say that with any certainty.


There really is no standard, but any player with minimal intelligence will use track number. I have heard, though, of players that will only play tracks in title order. Using Mp3tag, it's pretty trivial to create titles prefixed by the track number, so that limitation should be easy to work around.

You'll find that if you use different players and different software, you can pretty much forget about using any so-called "standard". While it may be a good place to start, you'll eventually end up using some tagging workaround to deal with some idiosyncrasy or another in a player. And trying to find a single tagging approach that works well with all players may prove impossible.

Thanks JJ,

My apologies to the OP for momentarily "hi-jacking" the thread, but it seemed appropriate to add on to it :slight_smile:

So I have an example here of where I have the following filename's, and both as track 1. One is track 1 of 16, the other is track 1 of 12.

01 Unknown Artist - Genesis 1.mp3
01 Unknown Artist - Genesis 17.mp3

If I perform a batch conversion to make the filename = title, the only, ie, Genesis 1.mp3.

Then when I run the Track Numbering wizard, Genesis 1 = Track 2 and Genesis 17 would become Track 2. So what I'm looking for is to avoid file name's with a 1-9 not to look like 01, 02, 03, etc...

The only option I can think of is to re-name the filename's to include the 01, 02, etc... run the track numbering wizard, the re-name the files again, which sounds like a convoluted process. Is there a way to accomplish this any easier?