Changes in 2.40 in handling


I recently upgraded from v2.39 to v2.40 - I have two areas that I need help with and hopefully someone can assist.

I notice that the "Tag to Filename" function now requires user confirmation where I am positive that in v2.39 the confirmation dialogue box could be turned off. Am I missing something or is this by design ? Can it be automated through an Action ?

Is it possible for any of the extended tags (for example Language, Copyright) to be assigned default values as per standard tag panel (every time application is started not per tag session) ?

Hope someone can help or put me right if I am being a fool !

Thanx in advance people

This has been changed and it can't be turned off in Mp3tag v2.40. You can use an action Format value for _FILENAME to automate this task.

Unfortunately not.

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Thanks Florian

I assume I use the Replace action with _FILENAME as the field, should i be using %artist% - %title% as the replacement syntax ? And what do I use as the "original"

Ignore that last comment - I worked it out.

Thanks again

As workaround I would make Format value actions that fill these tags with your preferred values.
The finished actions are also available as drop down list so it's just two clicks.

Can format values be combined to rewrite mulitple fields at once ?

I'll give it a try in the meantime to see if I can work it out - thanks Dano