Changes Made in Android phone is not showing in MP3Tag in Laptop

Hello ALl,

I have updated the Tags and Album Art in My Android phone using the Application, "Album Art Changer". I can see the updated tags and album art in Poweramp and Google Play music via my Phone.

But if i copy the songs to my Laptop and check using Mp3Tag application, it will still show the old tags and old album Art.


This is my Tags options in Mp3Tags in my Laptop.

Any idea how to fix this?

You need to check if you really need to read the APE tags.
Try to read the files with "Read APE" switched off and see if the tag info is now correct.

Thank you for the reply. I have figured it out now.

First I disabled the Read APE Tags.

Also there is some restrictions in Android. It won't apply the TAG changes to the MP3 Files. All the tag changes will just save in the Android phone itself, not to the actual MP3 File.

I used a app called ID3fixer in Android device to Save the tags to mp3 files.

Wow. And all the other applications

then know how to access that storage? Or have these applications tried to get their own metadata from the Internet?
If you find that you have APE tags in the files - you can filter for that with
%_tag% HAS APE
and you do not really need them, then get rid of them.
For this tick only APE read and delete and untick all other tag versions.
Then select the files, and use "Cut tag".
Afterwards reset the options to read, write and delete the tags as usual.

i don't need APE, I just removed that. I just need ID3.

I tried updating the ID3 tag from different apps on Android. None of them actually save that in actual MP3 files. It just saves in their own metadata.

I am not sure about that. But in android phone, if i play the same songs on different applications, i can see the updated Tags and album art.

But if i copy to laptop and tried in MP3tag editor it still shows old tags.

After following the above steps i am able to see the tags properly.