Changes made in MP3Tag not showing in MediaMonkey

Hi, first post... I searched the FAQ, found some topics that were close, but not exactly this issue.

I searched the MP3Tag help and figured out how to use a string from the directory path as Album Artist, worked great.

However, when I open those same files in MediaMonkey, Album Artist still shows as blank.

What am I doing wrong or what step am I missing? Any help for this novice is appreciated!!

What type of files are they (MP3, FLAC, etc.)?

The 'Album Artist' field isn't universal. In some tagging systems there may be different interpretations for the field being used to store the album artist. In others, there may not be universal agreement on the name of the field to use.

In ID3v2 tagging of MP3 files, the 'TPE2' frame is generally used for album artist, but it was originally intended to be used for 'band/orchestra/accompaniment' according to the specification. If you store 'Album Artist' in an MP3 file using Mp3tag, it may show up in some programs as 'Band'.

In FLAC and Ogg Vorbis, which both use Vorbis Comments for tagging, the most widely accepted field name for storing album artist is 'ALBUMARTIST'. But some programs use 'ALBUM ARTIST' (with a space) instead, and others may use BAND, to mimic the ID3v2 behavior.

MediaMonkey4 expect the ALBUMARTIST tag (without space). JRiver Media Center expect ALBUM ARTIST. And it depends on the type of files. You could have a look here for the various differences in formats:;hl=en_US#gid=0