Changing a podcast title

I recently purchased a Zune to listen to audio books. I download books from my local library. Unfortunately, after transferring the books to the Zune (as 'audiobooks') there is no way to manage them. After researching this issue I discovered if I downloaded MP3tag I could modify the extended tag so the book would be viewed as a podcast. As a podcast the Zune desktop software allows me to manage the files. Works great.

I have several authors I follow who have a series of books that I prefer to listen to in order. For example: Lee Child, Jack Reacher series.

Question: How do I change the title of the podcast? (I want to name the podcasts according to a naming protocol I've come up with so all the books in the series are together, in chronological order.) I've changed the file name, the title and the album but those are apparently different from the "Podcast Title".

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Load the Mp3s in Mp3Tag.
There you can already see a lot of embedded tags in the column-view and in the panel.
Highlight a mp3 in the column-view.
Presst ALT-T to see the extended tags. The tags you see there are all created tags in your file. Look for you podcast-title and the name of the tag.

You can customize the column-view and the panel for immediate view and manual editing, if you want to see tag that is not already listed.
Column-View: Right mouse click on the column heading
Panel: Tools=>Options=>Tag Panel

Have a look at the standard tags:

Beside this manual editing the power of MP3Tag lies in the comfort to mass-handle tags with scripting.

(Sorry - did this reply incorrectly. See below.)

Thank you. I had already loaded MP3Tag, learned a lot about the extended tags and added 'Podcast = 1' so my books are tagged as Podcasts.

I would have thought that the podcast title would be the same as 'Album' but apparently it is not. When I open the Zune desktop software I am getting 2 podcasts (books) that follow my naming protocol and 4 that do not. In the extended tag drop down menu there is no field called 'Podcast Title' that I can add.

I have added all 6 podcasts (books) using my naming protocol for album, title, subtitle and filename but, as I said, they show up in the Zune desktop software differently.

Any thoughts on how I should proceed are much appreciated.

Thank you.

If you want to get a decent grouping for a certain album, you should keep
ALBUMARTIST, ALBUM and YEAR for that album with the same values in each field.
If you do not fill ALBUMARTIST, then the player might still sort by this data but as there is none, you get a more or less random order.

You can easily set values for theses fields with the tag panel or actions of the type "Format value".

Thank you. I'll try that.

What I discovered since my last post is if you change the album title by editing the album name in the extended tags (instead of in the column view) it does change the podcast title.

I appreciate the help I've received.

Thank you.

That should be the same.
Maybe you do not save the modification while working in the column-view.
Does the column-view not show the same album-name as in the tag-panel or the extended tags.