Changing album info to the name of the directory

I want to rename the album fields with whatever the directory is called.


C:...\My Music\Bob Dylan\1966 Blonde on Blonde\01 - Rainy Day Women.mp3

C:...\My Music\Black Keys\2002 Thickfreakness\06 - Midnight in Her Eyes.mp3

I want the files to read "1966 Blonde on Blonde" in the ablum field and not "Blonde on Blonde". Likewise, "2002 Thickfreakness" not "Thickfreakness".

I also want to do it all in one go (i.e. pointing MP3tag to the My Music directory) but am worried some sort of batch command might rename all the album fields to "My Music" - is _DIRECTORY the relative directory or the directory to which you've sent MP3tag??

I'm unfamiliar with the commands but I tried Replace

Field: ALBUM
Original: _ALL (and various other things)
Replace with: _DIRECTORY

but it doesn't work. Any help gratefully appreciated.

OK, it works by using Format Value

Field: Album
String: %_DIRECTORY%

which you all knew anyway, but I thought someone out there may find it useful

MP3tag - what a great little programme

The easiest way to achieve that is using the converter :mt_ftt: Filename - Tag with a format string like


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For more info on this problem look here:

I had the same question. :slight_smile: