Changing ALBUM title is not recognized in other applications

Changing the ALBUM title in MP3Tag is not reflected in other applications, whereas changing ALBUM title in e.g. Foobar is being read correctly as it was edited in Foobar.

Do you see the changed ALBUM content in Mp3tag?

Could you please show us the details of ALT + T (View -> Extended Tags) from such a changed song in Mp3tag?

Here it is, under extended tags, the album name equals the filename, in Foobar however it's still just a number. When I change the album name in Foobar to "TEST", it will show as "TEST" in MP3Tag.

I’m really confused by this, perhaps I’m just not understanding your intentions. Is it that Foobar2000 is not updating the tags, even though you have confirmed they are changed in mp3tag, while the reverse works? That should be a foobar2000 issue then.

I have not had the same experience with either program.

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what kind of files are these? MP3? MP4? FLAC?
Then: which tag types do you read, write and delete? Any APE tags read or written? What kind of tags are in the files? Just ID3V2 or also APE?

Good thought. With MP3 files it works fine. With FLAC files it doesn't. I have no other file types.

Could be Foobar instead, I just installed a few older versions of MP3Tag as I didn't have this issue before. Back to 2.99 same issue. I'll install some older Foobar versions, let's see if the issue is there.