Changing and saving MP3 meta while playing

Hey all,

If i'm playing an MP3/FLAC file with VLC or any media player and i make a change to the metadata (title etc.) in mp3tag and save it, all while the file is playing in VLC, will i damage/corrupt the file in any way?

No-one can guarantee that you don't.
It is never a good idea to let more than program access a file at the same time.

Is it obvious when a file is corrupted? Is there a way/program to tell?

If you suspect that something like a corruption happened, see this collection of tools that also look at the audio part.

I get around this with the following workflow:

  1. In MP3Tag, Double click to open a file in your media player
  2. Open Actions Dialogue box (ALT + 6)
  3. Use check boxes to apply metadata (assumes you've got all of your metadata options set up as actions in MP3Tag)
  4. Hit stop on your media player
  5. Go back to MP3Tag, and click OK on your actions dialogue box

hmmmm so it seems like 2 programs cant access the same file at the same time to avoid file corruption

WMP blocks a file when it plays the file so MP3tag cannot modify it.
Probably a "dirty read" is possible but as soon as it comes to writing, problems are almost certain.

If I play MP3 file in Winamp 5.666, I can safely edit tags in it via Mp3tag- because MP3s are apparently loaded 100% to that player. Proof: I can move that file around / delete it, at no pop up window will show up; and unless the playback reaches the end of such tampered with file or I press STOP, I can replay such moved / deleted file without sweat

This however does not work for other formats- to my despair

More about locked files by means of playback: