Changing case specifically not only as described now

I read how to use an action in order to change a file from uppercase to lower case or vice versa but either I did not understand how what I want needs to be done or it isn't there.
It seems I can easily change a song title from one to the other. But when it comes to titles I like to follow the proper English grammar rules. In other words, "THIS IS A SONG TITLE" won't do, neither will, "this is a song title." nor, "This Is A Song Title." It appears as if these are the only choices.
What I would like is, "This is a song title" --first letter only capitalized
or better still,
"This is my friend John's song title" -note that both the first letter and the proper name, John, are capitalized.
Nicer still would be if I could do it to both, song title and album name, at the same time (as opposed to doing it once with song title and then once again with album.
Thank you

As Bill Clinton would say, "It depends on what you mean by proper". :smiley:

But here are some loosely followed guidelines:

These rules can be rather complicated to code so I use a simplified standard:

(1) Always capitalize the first and last word of a title.

(2) Between the first and last word of a title capitalize all words except:


Other people will use a different list of non-capitalized words so it ends up being a matter of personal taste. The one rule that's always true when it comes to the English language is "Rules are meant to be broken".

Oh how right you are. :slight_smile: except for the English language, I would not agree with 'rules are meant to be broken." The mess has happened because of it. And what do we tell all those poor foreigners who want to learn this language? :slight_smile:

 I did not want to get into specifics when I was referring to proper usage when it comes to an actual title. So in my example, I was referring to a normal sentence whereby only the first letter and proper names are capitalized for you would be right in your example of an actual title. I prefer to use the 'Chicago Manual of Style' when it comes to capitalization or Strunk & White's manual, which I remember from school.

But to my actual question. I guess you don't know how I can do this, do you?

To capitalize track and album titles like I described, you can first run the Action "Case Conversion" which comes with Mp3tag. That will capitalize the first letter of every word.

Then create a Replace with Regular Expression Action (I call mine "Small words lower case") with the following parameters:

Field: _ALL

Regular expression: \s(a|an|and|as|at|by|for|from|in|into|of|off|on|or|the|to)(?=\s)

Replace matches with: $lower($0)

Do not check the box "case-sensitive comparison".

That's very nice of you stanman. I thank you sincerely for wanting to help but that would not work for me since it would still require me to go back to each and change the rest as I do now
But wait, it does give me an idea though. I could use mp3 tag and change all to lower case and then all I would have to do is manually change the 1st word--(and proper names) still saving me lots of time.
Basically I don't mind things as they are for most titles but what bothers me is the recent trend (10 years or so) of these ridiculously long title.
When I think of titles before, Bowie for example: Heroes, Fame, Ziggy Startdust these are ok (yes he did have some longer titles) but now you get many titles like, 'Yesterday when I went to the zoo to see my mother." Well...nah.
I will tell you to what degree this bothers me (Silly I know) but for ex. I listen to an album. There are songs I choose and those I delete and then there are those I am not sure of. Well, if the title is very long, it gets deleted saving me the trouble of having to think further.
Why? When I'm cycling or something and take a quick look at my player I like to see the tile quick enough and not wait forever for it to scroll through.